Tamil cuisine is served in satta matka which is a bread that is baked to make it crispy and soft. There are different types of satta but one of the most popular ones is satta matka king. The satta is served with sweets or other food item like angkatkadai or sushi in some places. If you are preparing for a big get together, then satta would be perfect as it is small enough to pack in.

If you are planning to buy a satta king up, then first decide what kind of satta data you are looking for. If you want something that is easy to make, then you can go with satta game which is basically a paste of satta, shalwar chamber and fresh spices. It can also be decorated with different items like gold and silverware and other decorations. You can even find satta that comes decorated with embroidery. In some places, you will even find sattvas that come decorated with stones and jewels.

Sattvas are prepared in a specific way based on where they are going to be eaten. In some places, sattvas are cooked quickly so that it is crisp while in others, they are simmered for a long time. The traditional satta recipe used in Tamil homes has different ingredients such as scalar, sesame seeds, dry fruits, almonds and coriander leaves. Once all these ingredients are mixed, it is baked in an oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. Afterward, it is sprinkled with sugar and cooked thoroughly.

If you are a non vegetarian person who does not like to cook yourself sattvas, then you can always go with satta preparation that you can prepare at home. There are different recipes that you can find in books or online. Some sativa recipes are vegetarian and some are non-vegetarian. Some of them are made from wheat, but some of them are made from rice or other grains. These sativa recipes vary in taste and in consistency.

Satta Matka King is a famous delicacy in Tamil Nadu. Even today when satta is preparing at the wedding or any function, it is considered as the special treat for the bride and groom. It is said that during the reign of Ashoka the Mauryas, the soldiers in the army were provided with satta. When this satta was cooked by the soldiers, it would definitely taste delicious. Thus, even now satta matka king is considered as the national dish of Tamil Nadu.

Apart from satta, there are many other dishes that are prepared in sattva. A lot of people in Tamil Nadu also prepare a variety of curries and dishes in sattva. In fact, sattva is one of the most important aspects of Tamil cuisine. The people who live in the regions where there is a lot of desert and grasslands are more fond of preparing dry curries and preparing satta at the occasion of any function. Sometimes sattva is also associated with the famous festivals of Tamil Nadu, like Onam and Pongal.